Pharmacy Management Consultants

Pharmacy Management Consultants provide operational, consultant and educational services to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) through a professional services contract with the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. These services primarily support the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority (OHCA) in its administration of pharmacy benefits to Oklahoma SoonerCare members and in its efforts to meet Federal OBRA requirements related to Drug Utilization Review.

The offices of Pharmacy Management Consultants are located in the O’Donoghue Research building on the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus in Oklahoma City.

Primary Components of Pharmacy Management Consultants (PMC):

Pharmacy Lock-In Program

Member lock-in is designed to address pharmacy over-utilization patterns by SoonerCare members. PMC uses statistical norms, referrals and data searches to identify members who fall outside the normal utilization patterns of use. Recommendations are made to OHCA by PMC to lock-in these members. The members can be assigned a primary physician and/or pharmacy.

Data Analysis and Reports Preparation

PMC provides data analysis and report preparation services for OHCA. Projections and trends in pharmaceutical utilization and economic outcome reports are prepared by a research manager and other clinical pharmacists.

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  • Product Based Prior Authorization Program - Tier 1/Tier 2 Info: The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) implemented a Product Based Prior Authorization program, effective January 4, 2000. The program replaces the program formerly named the Preferred Product Initiative (PPI).

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