Recent years have seen an unqualified growth in understanding the role of pharmacy. from research laboratories to patient care settings. Our faculty conducts a wide range of innovative and advanced research that is closely aligned with the research priorities at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

The College aims to promote and foster research of the highest caliber. It endeavors to provide outstanding support to its faculty to obtain extramurally sponsored grant funding. The College provides support in identifying funding opportunities, proposal preparation, post grant administration and management and facilitates the interaction between multidisciplinary focus groups (Research Resources). The College also sponsors its own internal seed grant program to encourage and cultivate scholarly research.

Our overarching mission is to foster the development of research in the basic, clinical, and social administrative sciences so as to advance health care outcomes for all.

Our Vision

It is our vision at the College of Pharmacy to be not only involved in the advancement of research, but to greatly impact the importance of pharmaceutical research, especially on the process of medication use for the public. Surveys indicate that over 80 percent of consumers believe that pharmaceuticals save lives. The story behind that belief starts with bench research and translates to clinical research, working in a collaboration with a wide range of healthcare professionals.

Vibhudutta Awasthi, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Dean of Research

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research in pharmaceutical sciences at the OU College of Pharmacy has focused on several key areas such as cancer, drug delivery, behavioral and molecular neuroscience and inflammation and infectious diseases. Complete details of the faculty research interests and accomplishments may be found on their personal profile pages through the directory link (Pharmaceutical Sciences Directory).

Our focus in the future includes a significant investment in the development of research imaging facilities and the interaction of our established nuclear pharmacy with the private sector. We recently installed a biomarker generator, becoming the first institution in the world to do so for imaging and diagnosing diseases. This facility will benefit advances in research for all colleges on the OUHSC campus and the interaction of the public and private sector in looking at radiopharmaceutical production will guarantee a healthy and robust research environment for years to come.

Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Research in the clinical and administrative sciences at the college is diverse and has looked at the outcomes of medication use in clinical settings as well as administrative claims databases (Clinical and Administrative Sciences Directory). The impact of counseling patients about chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, advising physicians about which drugs and treatment regimens to prescribe, and even helping people sort through the jumble of drug information available on the web has propelled the College of Pharmacy to produce a large number of peer-reviewed articles and national presentations on research in medication management, pharmacy administration and the effect of pharmacist intervention in today’s society.