Pharmacology & Toxicology

Pharmacology and toxicology are concerned primarily with therapeutic or adverse actions of drugs and other chemicals. Ongoing research activities are in the areas of wound healing, cancer chemotherapy, alcohol, infectious disease, pain management, and drug transport proteins.

Pharmacology and toxicology are closely related disciplines that focus on the effects of drugs and other chemicals in biological systems. In pharmacology, the focus is on the use of drugs for therapeutic effects, and research involves mechanisms of drug action, drug elimination, and optimization of therapeutic action. Toxicology involves many of the same principles, but the research emphasis is on mechanisms of toxicity, and means through which adverse effects can be minimized.

Examples of advanced coursework:

  • Biochemical pharmacology
  • Clinical toxicology
  • General and systemic toxicology
  • General pharmacology
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Drug Metabolism and Transporters

Graduate Faculty: