Pre-Pharmacy Coursework Requirements

Pre-Pharmacy Coursework Policies

  1. Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program requires completion of a minimum of 64 semester hours of specific pre-pharmacy coursework.
  2. All pre-requisite coursework must be completed at a regionally accredited college or university.
  3. Beginning for entry into Fall 2019, pre-requisite coursework may be satisfied if taken outside of the U.S. as long as the applicant provides a WES course-by-course evaluation. WES is the ONLY acceptable foreign course evaluation accepted by OUHSC. Acceptance of foreign coursework to satisfy pre-requisite course requirements is at the discretion of the College of Pharmacy. Inquiries regarding acceptance of foreign coursework may be directed to the Director of Recruitment & Admissions. The Director cannot tell someone what pre-requisites may be satisfied by foreign coursework unless they provide a copy of the WES evaluation. It is recommended this be done at least one year prior to a planned entry year.
  4. The 6 hours of English coursework must be completed at a U.S. college or university. Foreign coursework will not be accepted to meet this requirement.
  5. To be eligible for admission, applicants must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident, or hold DACA status at the time of application.
  6. These are minimum requirements. We highly recommend applicants, if possible, also successfully complete a biochemistry course, at least one upper-level science, both human anatomy and physiology, and statistics. Our first preference is for physiology if a student is unable to take both anatomy and physiology.
  7. In order to best be prepared for the Pharmacy College Admissions Test, it is highly recommended that applicants complete general biology, microbiology (required course), and at least either human anatomy or human physiology prior to taking the exam. 

  • Pre-Pharmacy Advisement

    Interested students are invited to contact the Office of Pharmacy Student Affairs to speak with a recruiter or arrange a visit. These visits can prove valuable during the process of preparing an application.

    If you attend the University of Oklahoma in Norman, participation in the Pre-Pharmacy Association on the OU-Norman Campus is encouraged. For information on the OU-Norman Pre-Pharmacy Association, please join their Facebook page at OU Pre-Pharmacy Association.

    Students at other institutions may benefit from participating in pre-pharmacy or pre-health professions clubs on their current campus.

  • Pre-Requisite Coursework Requirements for Admission

    Applicants must successfully complete the pre-requisites listed below by August 5th of the year they plan to enter. For example, if you plan to enter in Fall 2019, you must have all pre-requisite courses successfully completed by August 5, 2019.

    Applicants can be in the process of completing requirements during the application process.

    Pre-pharmacy coursework may be completed any regionally accredited college or university. No preference is given for where coursework is taken so students may take coursework at a community college or a 4 year university. However, be aware that if you choose to take upper-level (junior/senior), coursework has to be taken at a 4 year university. All community college students are encouraged to work toward transfer to a 4 year university of their choice in case they don't gain admission right away.

    We accept AP/IB/CLEP and online courses to satisfy pre-requisites. In order for us to accept your AP/IB credits, they must appear on your college transcript and can be verified as college credit. We do not accept AP scores directly. Online coursework must be taken through a regionally accredited U.S. college or university.

    Applicants must complete all pre-requisite courses below with a grade of "C" (C+, C, C- grades are all acceptable) or above and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale to be considered for admission. The pre-requisite courses listed below are effective for admission for all applicants.

    Pre-Requisite Courses

    • Math/Science Requirements: 
    • Calculus: 3 hours
    • Physics: 3 hours
    • General Chemistry I w/Lab: 4-5 hours
    • General Chemistry II w/Lab: 4-5 hours
    • Organic Chemistry I Lecture: 3 hours
    • Organic Chemistry II Lecture: 3 hours
    • Organic Chemistry Lab: 2 hours
    • Biological Sciences: 8 hours
    • Microbiology w/Lab: 4-5 hours

    Elective Requirements :

    English I: 3 hours
    English II: 3 hours
    Electives: 24 hours

    Electives are chosen from these areas:

    • Fine Arts
    • History
    • Political Science
    • Anthropology
    • Humanities
    • Geography
    • Philosophy
    • Literature
    • Social Science
    • Behavioral Science
    • Foreign Language
    • Communications
    • English
    • Business (may include management, marketing, accounting)
    • Computer Science
    • Statistics

    Students are expected to have a computer proficiency level at or above basic word processing skills. Students are encouraged to select a diverse set of courses as preference is given to those with a broad-based educational background that includes a diversity component.

  • Students with Pharmacy Degrees from Foreign Colleges of Pharmacy

    Pharmacy licensure in Oklahoma and most other states requires a professional pharmacy degree from an American Council on Pharmaceutical Education(ACPE) accredited program in the United States.

    If accepted into the Pharm.D. program, foreign pharmacy graduates must complete the entire professional core curriculum. We cannot accept transfer students from foreign pharmacy schools. We do not grant advanced standing for foreign pharmacy graduates. If accepted, all students must complete the full four-year Pharm.D. curriculum.

    For foreign coursework to be considered to satisfy the pre-pharmacy coursework requirements (see above), applicants must submit a World Education Services course-by-course evaluation. Acceptance of foreign pharmacy coursework to satisfy the pre-pharmacy coursework is at the discretion of the OU College of Pharmacy.

    Please note we do not accept foreign coursework to satisfy the 6 hours of English courses requirement. Those courses must be completed at a U.S. college or university regardless of any previous degrees. Inquiries may be directed to the Director of Recruitment & Admissions.

  • Pre-Pharmacy Coursework Planning Documents

    This section provides downloadable PDF files of resources you may find useful in planning your pre-pharmacy education. We encourage applicants to schedule advisement appointments with our office to ensure proper planning at an early stage to avoid any confusion or delays.

    2019 Pharm D Application Guide-This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the college as well as making application.

    OUCOP Pre-Requisite Worksheet-This worksheet can be used to keep track of your progress in completing pre-requisites.

    OUCOP 2 Year Pre-Requisite Plan-This guide provides a method to complete the 64 semester hours and still be able to apply within 2 calendar years. It is not required to use this plan.

    OUCOP 3 Year Pre-Requisite Plan-This guide provides a method to complete the 64 semester hours and still be able to apply within 3 calendar years. (Most popular plan) It is not required to use this plan.