OUCOP Student Ambassador Program: Service, Leadership, & Professionalism

OUCOP Student Ambassador Program Information

  • What is the OUCOP Student Ambassador Program?

    Recognizing the vital role current students play in representing the College of Pharmacy to the general public, potential applicants, and other entities within the University of Oklahoma and beyond, the Office of Pharmacy Student Affairs affords current students an opportunity to formally represent the college. Opportunities can range from informal to formal events, presenting a unified message to visitors and other interested constituents that is befitting of not only the college, but the pharmacy profession

  • How Does the Program Work?

    The student ambassador program began in 2007. This program allows ambassadors the opportunity to have the prestige such a program provides and also gives additional leadership and professional development opportunities.

    There is a maximum of 100 total ambassadors in the four years. Ideally, we hope to have 20-25 from each class but the best applicants will be selected regardless of year in program.

    • Once selected as an ambassador, you continue as an ambassador for the remainder of your academic career at the college provided that you abide by all policies and are not removed from the program. Pharmacy Student Affairs reserves the right to remove any ambassador from the program at any point if the ideals of the ambassador program are not upheld or if any policies are violated. If you are removed from the program, you must turn in your Student Ambassador pin and t-shirt and will be removed from the D2L ambassador community.
    • Interested students must complete the online application and if selected, new ambassador applicants will have to complete an interview. Details about the interview process will be released at that time. There will be a new class of a maximum of 20-25 ambassadors selected from the P1 class each year. If any vacancies arise in the other classes, applicants for those vacant positions will also have to interview.
    • To continue in the program, ambassadors will have to maintain a minimum overall pharmacy GPA of 2.25, be in good academic standing, and must also be in good professional standing i.e. ambassadors must not have any Professionalism Concerns Reports (PCR) on record. Ambassadors who do not meet these criteria at any point will be removed from the program or will not be selected as an ambassador.
    • P1-P3 Ambassadors must commit to a minimum of 2 regular events and 1 applicant interview date. P4 ambassadors must commit to a minimum of 1 regular event and 1 applicant interview date. There is no maximum on the number of events ambassadors may volunteer for. Student Affairs reserves the right to hand-select ambassadors for certain events based on specific needs or criteria. Ambassadors who do not fulfill these requirements in a given year or who fail to report their participation in a timely manner will be removed from the program.
    • There are mandatory ambassador meetings for P1-P3 students. Ambassador meetings are optional for P4 students. These meetings provide additional training, professional development opportunities, and/or leadership development. If an ambassador is unable to attend a scheduled mandatory meeting and is granted an excused absence, they must make arrangements with Jennifer Richardson to make up the excused absence. A calendar of these meetings will be sent to and will also be scheduled on the D2L ambassador community calendar. Examples of excused absences are travel to professional meetings, site visits, illness, or emergency situations. Examples of non-excused absences are working for pay, failure to notify non-attendance prior to the meeting, no communication regarding non-attendance, failure to attend, personal activities such as dinner with friends, non-college social events, etc.
    • Ambassadors are required to sign an Ambassador Covenant agreeing to adhere to all policies, to represent the College faithfully, to uphold the tenets of the program: service, leadership, and professionalism, and to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner in all interactions with all internal and external constituents.

  • Selection Process

    Academic performance, leadership qualities, and commitment to service are the foundation for the selection of students to participate in the Student Ambassador program.  Student Ambassadors are selected by the Office of Pharmacy Student Affairs based on the submitted applications, a successful interview, availability of space in the program, and verification of academic and professional requirements.

    As a Student Ambassador, students have a visible presence on the College of Pharmacy campuses and as such are expected to serve as role models to fellow students, faculty and staff by adhering to all College policies and exhibiting a professional demeanor in not only the classroom, but also at all college and university functions regardless of whether they are in attendance in their role as a Student Ambassador. 

    Students who do not adhere to these standards may be removed from the ambassador program at the discretion of Pharmacy Student Affairs. The Student Ambassador program should be viewed as another means for students to continue to cultivate service, leadership, and professionalism during their time at the college.

  • Student Ambassador Roles & Responsibilities

    • Attendance at any and all ambassador meetings shall be mandatory (excluding P4 students).
    • Student Ambassadors must adhere to all rules and regulations as set forth in the Student Ambassador handbook.
    • Student Ambassadors should wear their white coat to all functions in which they are serving in their capacity as a Student Ambassador unless otherwise indicated by Jennifer Richardson.
    • P1-P3 Student Ambassadors should volunteer to participate in at least 2 regular functions and 1 applicant interview date per academic calendar year (fall, spring, summer). P4 students should volunteer to participate in at least 1 regular function and 1 applicant interview date.  There is no limit on the maximum number of events.
    • Student Ambassadors should respond promptly to requests for volunteers and should adhere to any deadlines set for a response.
    • Student Ambassadors should convey a positive outlook about the college to those they come in contact with while serving at college events or functions.
    • Student Ambassadors shall play an important role in the recruitment of prospective students as well as future Student Ambassadors.
    • Student Ambassadors may be called upon to serve in a variety of ways including, but not limited to the following:


    Campus tours/Student panels

    Recruitment events, on and off campus

    Recruitment fairs

    Applicant Interviews



    Undergraduate clubs/associations meetings and/or presentations

    University events

    HSC events

    E-mail contacts

    Other events as assigned

  • Student Ambassador Benefits

    1. Enhance communication and public speaking skills
    2. Opportunity to network with alumni, campus VIPS, prospective students, other health professionals, etc.
    3. Student Ambassador pin which can be worn on the white coat lapel
    4. Outstanding Student Ambassador of the Year Award which includes a travel award
    5. Leadership opportunities Professional development opportunities
    6. Student Ambassador t-shirt that can be worn at recruitment events