PharmD Application Information

Important Application Updates

Please read all information on this page carefully. It is the applicant's responsibility to read and comply with all admission requirements and application procedures. If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact us.

All applicants, including re-applicants and early assurance students, must utilize the PharmCAS application and follow all PharmCAS procedures and policies in order to apply to the College of Pharmacy regardless of previous applications or materials sent to the College of Pharmacy.



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General Application Requirements

Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program is on a competitive basis. Nonresidents are automatically given a nonresident tuition waiver after paying a deposit if they are accepted. Find out more about our tuition waiver program by going to OUHSC COLLEGE OF PHARMACY NONRESIDENT TUITION WAIVER PROGRAM.

All applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.50 and a minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0 or above to be eligible for admission. Applicants who do not meet this requirement at the time of application will not be reviewed for admission.

2024 Application Guide

Application Tracks

  • Application Information for Fall 2024 Entry

    Remember, if you are accepted you will begin your PharmD classes in the Fall 2024 semester.

    EFFECTIVE FOR FALL 2024 ENTRY: A 3.0 prerequisite GPA is now required for admission. The PCAT is no longer required or accepted for admission.

  • General Application Information for Fall 2024 Entry

    OUCOP admits a new class each year to begin in the Fall semester. Only completed applications are considered for a possible interview. A completed application consists of a verified PharmCAS application, 2 letters of reference, and a timed writing assessment. 

    Failure to meet deadlines or to submit any of the required application materials will constitute a late or incomplete application and will not be considered for admission.

    If you are invited to interview, you will also be required to complete an OUHSC application which will be by invitation only. 

    There are three application tracks: Fall and Spring Priority Application tracks and a Summer Application track. Please read the information below carefully to determine which track might be right for you. 

    Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program is on a competitive basis, and classes are filled on a rolling admissions basis which means that we fill seats as we interview. It is recommended that applicants apply as soon as they are eligible to do so. 

    Applicants should successfully complete all required prerequisite courses and provide the college with an official transcript showing any missing course grades by August 5, 2024.

  • Fall Priority Application Track (Deadline: October 2, 2023)

    The Fall priority application deadline is October 1 each year. If October 1 falls on a weekend, the following Monday shall be the deadline date.

    Students applying for the Fall Priority Application Track should be aware of the following:

    1. The application must be complete by October 1. This includes the PharmCAS application, official transcripts (must be sent to PharmCAS) and two letters of reference.
    2. Fall Priority interviews will be Saturday, December 2, 2023. An interview is not guaranteed simply by selecting to apply by the Fall Priority application deadline.
    3. You will be notified of a decision no later than December 8, 2023.      

  • Spring Priority Application Track (Deadline: March 1, 2024)

    The Spring priority application deadline is March 1 each year. If March 1 falls on a weekend, the following Monday shall be the deadline date.

    Students applying for the Spring Priority Application Track should be aware of the following:

    1. The application must be complete by March 1. This includes the PharmCAS application, official transcripts (must be sent to PharmCAS), and two letters of reference.
    2. Spring Priority interviews will be held on a rolling admissions basis from February-April. An interview is not guaranteed simply by selecting to apply by the Spring Priority application deadline.
    3. You will be notified of a decision no later than April 19, 2024.

  • Summer Application Track (Deadline: June 3, 2024)

    The final application deadline is June 1 each year. If June 1 falls on a weekend, the following Monday shall be the deadline date.

    Students applying for the Summer application track should be aware of the following:

    • The application must be completed by June 1. This includes the PharmCAS application, official transcripts (must be sent to PharmCAS), and two letters of reference.
    • Final application reviews for a potential interview will conclude by June 14, 2024.
    • Summer interviews will be Saturday, June 29, 2024. An interview is not guaranteed simply by applying.
    • You will be notified of a decision no later than July 5, 2024.

Steps to Applying

  • Step 1. PharmCAS Application

    Application for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program requires completion of the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) application. It can be found at PharmCAS processes your academic information providing one central location to send transcripts and recommendations while applying to multiple pharmacy schools. 

    • Create your PharmCAS account. Make note of your assigned PharmCAS ID #. This number must be entered in your supplemental application if you are invited to interview.
    • Enter your reference contact information in your application. A minimum of two references are required. References are completed electronically so as soon as you save your reference information, a web link will be e-mailed to them to complete the online form.
    • Arrange to have official transcripts sent from all colleges or universities attended to PharmCAS. Refer to the PharmCAS instructions for specific information on how to complete this step to prevent delays.
    • Please note that in order to verify an application, PharmCAS only needs all official transcripts. Processing takes approximately 4 weeks during peak application times. References may be submitted later so you don’t have to wait for those to submit an application. However, all required materials must be received by our college before an application will be reviewed for a possible interview.

    PharmCAS Resources:

    PharmCAS Application Process

    PharmCAS Application Instructions

    PharmCAS Forms & Printable Documents

    PharmCAS Fall Academic Update Information

    PharmCAS Applicant Code of Conduct

    The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy PharmCAS School Page

  • Step 2. Recommendation Letters

    The Admissions Committee requires each applicant to provide two letters of recommendation which provide insight into the applicant’s personal, academic, and professional characteristics.

    Applicants should solicit letters from those who can best attest to your ability to be successful in pharmacy school. Examples are professors, employers, volunteer supervisors, or health care professionals, preferably a pharmacist. These individuals should know the applicant well, and be in a position to evaluate the applicant’s potential for academic success and a career in pharmacy. 

    We do not accept letters from family, friends or clergy members. Failure to follow this policy may cause a delay in application review.

    Although a minimum of two letters is required, you may enter up to four names in the PharmCAS application and if four recommendations are received, all four will be evaluated.

  • Step 3. Standardized Exam Scores


    The PCAT exam is optional. If your cumulative GPA is a 3.0 or above, the PCAT is not required. If PCAT scores are received, they will be considered as supplemental information as part of the holistic admissions application review. If your cumulative GPA is below 3.0, the PCAT may be recommended on a case-by-case basis to strengthen your overall application. Prospective students are encouraged to schedule an advisement appointment with our admissions staff to determine the best option for them.

    TOEFL Policies:

    For more information or to register for the exam, please go to:  TOEFL IBT INFORMATION . We will continue to monitor the situation and update policies or procedures as necessary. 

    Students for Whom English is a Second Language

    1. Applicants are only eligible for admission if they are a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.
    2. All applicants regardless of residency status must meet the same admission requirements and follow the same application procedures.
    3. OUCOP does not accept transfer students from foreign colleges of pharmacy. OUCOP does not waive any part of the Pharm.D. curriculum or grant advanced standing to students who have attended a foreign college of pharmacy.
    4. If English is your second language, regardless of residency status (i.e. permanent U.S. resident or U.S. citizen), the TOEFL exam is required. This is an OUHSC requirement. Only the TOEFL is acceptable.
    5. TOEFL scores may not be more than 2 years old. A minimum score of 550 (Paper-based), 213 (Computer-based), or 79 (Internet-Based) is required for admission. TOEFL scores should be released directly to PharmCAS (code 8246).
    6. The TOEFL exam requirement will automatically be waived if you either graduated with a diploma from a U.S. high school or if you received or will receive a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. university by June 1 of the planned entry year. We do not waive the requirement if you have an associate’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. from a U.S. college or university.

  • Step 4. Transcripts

    Applicants are responsible for the submission of official transcripts from each institution attended directly to PharmCAS

    Applicants who are taking courses in the fall and spring semesters must submit their fall and spring transcripts to PharmCAS and submit the required academic update on PharmCAS website.

    All required prerequisite coursework must be successfully completed by August 5 of the admission year.

    Official transcripts that include the spring or summer semester work should be submitted directly to the College of Pharmacy by August 5 of the admission year to demonstrate successful completion of the required coursework or the applicant's admission may be withdrawn.

    Please refer to the Admissions Requirements page for more details regarding additional conditions of admission.

  • Step 5. Timed Writing Assessment

    ACPE accreditation standards require a standardized writing assessment of all applicants to a PharmD program. Once the verified PharmCAS application and 2 references are received, instructions on how to complete a timed writing assessment will be emailed to applicants. Applicants who do not meet the overall GPA requirement of 2.50 are not eligible for admission and not eligible to complete the timed writing assessment. There is no fee for the writing assessment.

    Applicants must pass the online timed writing assessment to receive full application review for a possible interview. The assessment is scored by two independent reviewers in two areas: Content and Conventions of Language. The writing prompt will be over a pharmacy-related topic.

  • Step 6. Holistic Admissions Application Review

    Once OUCOP has received a completed application consisting of the verified PharmCAS application, a timed writing assessment, and at least two letters of recommendation, the applicant's application will be review for a possible personal interview.

    OUCOP engages in a holistic admissions process. This means that each aspect of the applicant’s record is important. Eligibility for an interview is based on an evaluation of the applicant’s academic record including the prerequisite, overall, combined science/math courses, combined biology/chemistry courses and the last 60 hours GPAs and other academic factors as well as an applicant’s non-academic record including their experiences and attributes. 

    In general, applicants can be considered competitive for an interview if they have at least a 3.0 GPA in the areas mentioned above.

    Additionally, applicants should have no negative letters of recommendation and should demonstrate those qualities desirable in a healthcare professional such as good communication skills, leadership, community service activities, and a demonstration of pharmacy knowledge. Although not required, it is highly recommended that an applicant gain experience in a pharmacy setting whether paid or unpaid experience.

  • Step 7. OUHSC Application (By Invitation Only)

    OUHSC requires a supplemental application. Only those invited for an interview will receive information on submitting the supplemental application. Those invited to complete the supplemental will need to do so prior to the selected interview date.

    You will need your PharmCAS Application ID # to enter on your supplemental application. The supplemental application fee is $50.00.

    Do not send official transcripts to the university. Official transcripts should be submitted directly to PharmCAS.

  • Step 8. The Personal Interview

    The Admissions Committee requires a personal interview to assess an applicant’s communication skills as part of the admission process.

    Interviews are by invitation only and sent only via e-mail to the e-mail address entered in the PharmCAS application. Please make sure PharmCAS has your correct e-mail address that you use most often. Please make sure you place "" and "" on your email "safe" lists so as not to miss out on important communications from our office or the university. You may also want to check any "spam" or "junk" e-mail boxes you have on a regular basis to make sure communications are not placed in there.

    OUCOP typically utilizes the multiple mini interview (MMI) format. Applicants complete a circuit of at least 5 interview stations designed to assess the applicant’s attributes, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. You may want to conduct an internet search to learn more about the MMI process. 

    Personal interviews of applicants will provide flexibility for this admission year. The following methods are options that may be utilized as needed in accordance with University and College policies and procedures as well as the latest guidance and recommendations from Federal, State, and Local public health officials.

    Possible Interview Methods:

    • Live video conferencing via Zoom
    • In-Person

    Possible Interview Assessments:

    Should public health concerns arise and it is necessary to adapt to that environment, we reserve the right to use an alternative interview assessment:

    • A modified version of the Multiple Mini Interviews (3 stations vs. 5 stations)
    • Group Interviews (3 interviewers interview a group of applicants)
    • A traditional panel interview format with multiple interviewers (3 interviewers w/1 applicant)
    • Recorded interview via Kira Talent evaluated by trained interviewers 

    Applicants who have not submitted official transcripts and two references to PharmCAS of all completed coursework prior to June 1 of the admission year or who after the holistic application review, do not meet interview criteria established by the Admissions Committee will not be invited to interview.

    Additionally, applicants must demonstrate that they are on track to complete the prerequisite coursework by August 5 of the admission year. It is the applicant's responsibility to carefully review the prerequisite course requirements to make sure they are eligible for admission prior to applying.

    An invitation to interview does not imply acceptance for admission, and all expenses incurred during the interview process are the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants must interview in person (live or via the alternative method provided) on their assigned day and time.