Looking to Go From a BS in Pharmacy to a PharmD?

Individuals who possess a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from a U.S. college of pharmacy granted prior to the year 2000 can be considered for admission with advanced standing. Previous training and professional experience will be considered in reviewing the application for advanced standing. If there is available capacity in the program, completed applications for admission with advanced standing will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Dean of the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy (OUCOP). This committee will include representation from the Admissions Committee, the Academic Standings Committee, the Curriculum Committee, and Pharmacy Student Affairs. Any inquiries from students for advanced standing in the OUCOP will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs who will forward materials to the ad hoc committee chair.

  • Admission with Advanced Standing

    Applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from a U.S. college of pharmacy must:

    • Submit a letter requesting admission for advanced standing that includes an explicit statement of career goals and objectives, a summary of practice experience, and perceived level and area of expertise. Please include a rationale as to how completion of the Doctor of Pharmacy program will augment the applicant’s current practice or assist the applicant in meeting career goals.
    • Submit two letters of reference from individuals familiar with the applicant’s professional qualifications. One of the letters must be from the applicant’s most recent supervisor. Additional information may be requested from references.
    • Provide official transcripts of all college and university coursework. Transcripts are only considered official when they are mailed or emailed directly from the college or university attended.If emailed using an email transcript service (e.g. Parchment, National Clearinghouse), please enter the email of Jennifer Richardson, Director of Recruitment & Admissions (jennifer-richardson@ouhsc.edu).

    If the materials outlined above in steps 1-3 indicate that a candidate merits further consideration, then steps 5 and 6 may occur.

    • Submit an official OUHSC application form with payment of all applicable fees as provided by the Director of Recruitment & Admissions.
    • Be available for a personal interview with the OUCOP if recommended by the ad hoc committee.

    Initial inquiries and materials should be submitted to the Director of Recruitment and Admissions. The director will communicate with the applicant regarding any additional materials needed and will provide the OUHSC application once the initial materials have been received and it is determined the applicant is eligible for further consideration. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

    Inquiries should be made to Jennifer Richardson at jennifer-richardson@ouhsc.edu or by telephone at 405-271-6598.

    Materials should be mailed to:

    University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
    Office of Student Affairs
    Attn: Jennifer Richardson
    1110 N. Stonewall Ave
    Oklahoma City, OK 73117

  • Review of Applications for Advanced Standing

    If an applicant is interviewed for admission, the ad hoc committee will provide a recommendation to the Dean of the College of Pharmacy regarding acceptance. A recommendation for admission must include an individualized program of study for completion of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

  • Required Coursework

    All students who receive the Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the OUCOP will be required to complete coursework as determined by the ad hoc committee.

    Please see Appendix A for a representative curriculum for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Courses may be added or deleted from this curriculum as determined by the ad hoc committee with approval by the academic dean. Practicums during the fourth professional year are required for all students.


    Course Number - Course Title - Hours 

    7802 Patient Assessment 2 
    7824 Pharmaceutical Care II (Cardiology) 4 
    7833 Pharmaceutical Care III (Respiratory & Renal) 3 
    7853 Pharmaceutical Care V (Endo) 3 
    7862 Pharmaceutical Care VI (GI & Rheumatology) 2 
    7873 Pharmaceutical Care VII (ID) 3 
    7832 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2 
    7812 Drug Literature Evaluation 2 
    7883 Pharmaceutical Care VIII (Hem/Onc) 3 
    7891 Pharmaceutical Care IX (Derm) 1 
    7894 Pharmaceutical Care (Neuro-Psych) 4 
    7004 Adult Medicine I 4 
    7024 Ambulatory Care I 4 
    7030 Ambulatory Care II 4 
    7970 Seminar – Resident Rounds 1-2 
    Selective 4
    Selective 4