About the Association

Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Every graduate from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy is a member of the Alumni Association. There are no dues to join.

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Association is to unite the alumni and friends of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in an active organization to contribute both professionally and financially to the advancement and excellence of the College, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, the friendship and education of alumni, and the profession of pharmacy.

The mission of the Association is to:

Promote fellowship among members of the Association, the pharmacy profession, pharmacy students, and members of all recognized allied health care professions.

Initiate activities to improve pharmacy practice and education, and to actively participate with all pharmacy organizations in the state of Oklahoma, other recognized allied health professional associations, lay and governmental leaders and groups to this same end.

Initiate and sustain an active, two-way communication flow between members of the Association and the College, citing among other things, accomplishments, services and needs of the Association’s members and the College.

Provide financial support to OU College of Pharmacy student scholarship programs and other designated programs as determined by the Board.

2021-2022 Officers

Tanner Tiedeman, ’17 – President

Chelsea Price, ’16 – President-Elect

Jami Johnson, ’14 – Secretary/Treasurer

About the Association