Nuclear Pharmacy Specialty Track

The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy remains notable as a professional college to have an operating nuclear pharmacy onsite. This distinction enables the college to provide comprehensive educational programs for both professional students and graduate students in its region. The college has made a significant commitment to nuclear medicine to provide quality radiopharmaceuticals for patient care in the region as well as to support graduate work in diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals on the Health Sciences campus.

The focused elective track in nuclear pharmacy enables students with an interest in molecular science to identify and recognize opportunities earlier in their academic career. Through this track, professional pharmacy students can work toward an Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist status or follow other paths such as the graduate M.S. and Ph.D. programs.

The Importance of Nuclear Pharmacy

A nuclear pharmacy prepares and dispenses radio-pharmaceuticals, which are then supplied to the nuclear medicine department of hospitals and clinics. These hospitals and clinics then use these radiopharmaceuticals as diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents for conditions such as infections, myocardial perfusion, pulmonary embolism, thyroid imaging and therapy, and cancers.

As unit dose preparation of radiopharmaceuticals shifted from primarily a function of the nuclear medicine department in the hospital to primarily the function of a centralized nuclear pharmacy, it is now rare to find an area in the United States that is not within the service area of a nuclear pharmacy, and rare to find a hospital or other facility that still prepares its own unit doses.

Radiation: Is it safe?

Everyone is exposed to radiation in everyday life through many different forms. In a nuclear pharmacy, through set policies and standard procedures, radiation sources are handled with professional care, and shielding techniques are utilized to keep exposure minimal.

Today’s policies and procedures definitely make it safe to learn and work in a nuclear pharmacy setting.

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Wendy Galbraith, Pharm.D., Track Director

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