Wendy Galbraith, Pharm.D., FAPhA, BCNP

Clinical Associate Professor

Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Office CPB 337

Email wendy-galbraith@ouhsc.edu


Clinical Expertise: NuclearPharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals. Development and growth of professional education in nuclear pharmacy. This includes overseeing all professional education in nuclear pharmacy including elective/selective course work in the doctor of pharmacy program (including Pharm.D./M.S.), pharmacy interns employed in the nuclear pharmacy, continuing professional education for nuclear pharmacists, board certification for nuclear pharmacists employed in the nuclear pharmacy, residency program in nuclear pharmacy, and nuclear pharmacy education for other health care professionals including but not limited to nuclear medicine technologists, nuclear medicine and radiology residents, and health physicists.

Certifications & Licenses

Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist

Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties


Registered Pharmacist

State of Arizona


Registered Pharmacist

State of Oklahoma


Publications & Presentations

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    1. Galbraith W. Considerations for the Safe Handling of Radiolabeled Blood Products . American Pharmacist Association Press, . 2020; 2020 : 85-132

    2. Galbraith W. Kidney. American Pharmacist Association Press, . 2020; 2020 : 705-748

    3. Galbraith W. Liver, Spleen, and Gastrointestinal Systems. American Pharmacist Association Press, . 2020; 2020 : 705-748

    4. Wolfe K, Baldwin J D, Grantham V V, Galbraith W. Y-90-Labeled Resin Microsphere Spills: A Pilot Study to Determine Efficient Cleanup Practices. JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY. 2020; 48 : 274-277

    5. Wolfe K, Baldwin J, Grantham V V, Galbraith W. 90Y-Labeled Resin Microsphere Spills: A Pilot Study to Determine Efficient Cleanup Practices. Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology . 2020; 48 : 274-277

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    1. Imaging and Blood Biomarkers to Predict Graft Failure after HSCT. Multi-institutional Prospective Pilot Research of Imaging and blood biomarker EValuation of Engraftment after ALlogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Children and Adults (REVEAL). . NIH. End Date: 2024.

    2. Dose-escalation Study of Radio-labeled Antibody, FF-21101(90Y), P-Cadherin, for the Treatment of Advanced Cancer.. Misc Non-Federal. Start Date: 2019.

    3. Residual blood, mold, and infectious contamination in nuclear pharmacy dose containers following a common disinfection method. Misc Non-Federal. Start Date: 2016. End Date: 2017.

Awards and Honors

                                                                                            1. APhA-APPM.  APhA-APPM Contributed Paper Merit Award: Evaluation of a compact automated system for filling syringes in a nuclear pharmacy. Date: 2019.  

                                                                                            2. College of Pharmacy Allumni. E. Blanche Sommers Award. Date: 2006.  


                                                                                            1.  Degree: PharmD. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center . Date: 2003.  

                                                                                            2.  Degree: B. Pharm. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Date: 1990.  

Administrative Assignments


    1. Role: Director. Scope: College. Description: 2014-32015-42016-82017-62018-22019 - 4 track students2020 - 9 track students2021-52022-62023-4Nuclear Pharmacy Focus Track Director.The nuclear pharmacy track provides a systematic, organized training experience for students interested in nuclear pharmacy practice. This specialized practice requires training in the handling of radioactive materials dictated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). In order for a pharmacist to practice nuclear pharmacy, a designation of authorized nuclear pharmacist (ANP) must be acquired. This track provides 70% of the training required by the NRC. In addition, the track counts towards requirements for the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties (BPS) Exam in nuclear pharmacy (Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist-BCNP). Date: 2010.


    2. Role: Director. Scope: Department. Description: Dr. Galbraith served for seven years as the Nuclear Pharmacy Director for OUHSC Nuclear Pharmacy. Among her duties of organizing the department’s eight million dollar budget with 30 employees, she was responsible for experiential training of pharmacy students, nuclear medicine technology students, nuclear medicine residents, and fellows. Following a very successful seven year expansion of the Nuclear Pharmacy from 200 doses per day to over 600 doses per day the Director’s position was divided into three positions: Nuclear Pharmacy Manager, Nuclear Pharmacy Assistant Manager and Education Coordinator. With personal strengths and interest in teaching Dr. Galbraith chose the Nuclear Education Coordinators responsibilities. Date: 2000.

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