Anthony Burgett

Professor, Associate

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone 405/271-6593 47211


Publications & Presentations

    1. Burgett A. Small Molecule Targeting of Oxysterol-Binding Protein (OSBP)-Related Protein 4 and OSBP Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Cell Proliferation in Monolayer and Spheroid Cell Models. ACS Pharmacology and Translational Research . 2021

    2. Burgett A W. Single Cell Mass Spectrometry Quantification of Anticancer Drugs: Proof of Concept in Cancer Patients. ACS Pharmacology and Translational Research . 2021; 4 : 96-100

    3. Burgett A. Crystal structures of glutathione- and inhibitor-bound human GGT1: critical interactions within the cysteinylglycine binding site. Journal of Biological Chemistry . 2020; 296 : 100066

    4. Burgett A. Indole C6 Functionalization of Tryprostatin B Using Prenyltransferase CdpNPT. Catalysts . 2020; 10