Research Degree Option


The College of Pharmacy at the University of Oklahoma are at the forefront of offering various specialization options to our professional students.  Many faculty members are actively engaged and funded in cutting-edge research in both basic pharmaceutical sciences and in clinical and administrative sciences.  Additionally, a number of our students within the professional program express a keen desire to be involved in research while pursuing the Pharm. D. curriculum.  The research degree option gives students experience in the application of scientific principles and methodology, the ability to critically analyze biomedical literature and conduct research, and to present their own findings in a scientific format.  Ultimately, these skills can be applied in the practice of the profession to improve health outcomes or to leverage post graduate education and training beyond the Pharm.D. degree.

Research Degree Option Faculty

Research Degree Option faculty may include faculty members within either the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (basic sciences) or the department of Pharmacy: Clinical and Administrative Sciences. These faculty members are actively engaged in research within their areas of expertise and are in a position to actively mentor interested students in the didactic and experiential components of the training in this track.

Research Degree Option Requirements

Students must complete 16 credit hours of coursework in the degree option that goes above and beyond the core/required Pharm. D. curriculum. 
The degree option coursework may consist of a combination of elective courses, selective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) and independent study/research and must consist of:

A minimum of 8 credit hours of didactic elective coursework (P1-P3 years). Didactic courses will include a combination of journal club, integrity in scientific research, fundamentals of scientific writing and other approved electives in specific discipline or research area.

  • A minimum of 8 credit hours of APPEs (P4 year). This will fulfill the requirement of research in a defined topic/focus area. 

Admission to the degree option will be based on applications made by May 1 deadline in the P1 year.  

Interested in learning more? Please contact:

Nathan Shankar, Ph.D., Director