Teresa V. Lewis, Pharm.D., BCPS


Pharmacy Clinical & Admin Sci

Phone (405) 271-2859

Fax (405) 271-6430

Office O'Donoghue Research Bldg., 1122 NE 13th St., Ste. 4413, OKC 73117

Email teresa-lewis@ouhsc.edu

Publications & Presentations

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    1. Miller M M, Lewis T V, Webb R, Fields D, Hagemann T M. Quantification of weight changes associated with new diagnosis of cancer in pediatric patients. Journal of Hematology and Oncology Pharmacy. 3 : 94-98

    2. Amber T, Nguyen P B, Miller J L, Neely S, Lewis T V. Incidence of Cytomegalovirus DNAemia in Pediatric Post-Renal Transplant Patients Receiving Weight-Based vs Body Surface Area-Based Valganciclovir Chemoprophylaxis . The Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 2022; 27 : 164-171

    3. Stephens K, Barker P, Bergeron E, Miller J L, Hagemann T M, Lewis T V, Neely S, Johnson P N. Comparison of Clinical Outcomes and Medication Use of Obese Versus Nonobese Children Admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Hospital pharmacy. 2021; 56 : 287-295

    4. Lim S Y, Lewis T V, Woo S, Turman M, Burton M E, Rianthavorn P. Daptomycin Pharmacokinetics in Adolescents Undergoing Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis: A Case Series With Pharmacokinetic Modeling. The journal of pediatric pharmacology and therapeutics : JPPT : the official journal of PPAG. 2021; 26 : 123-132

    5. Miller J L, Lewis T V, Walling J, O'Donnell A, Neely S, Johnson P N. Publication Rates of Pediatric-Focused Resident Research Projects Presented at The Pediatric Pharmacy Association Bruce Parks Memorial Residency Showcase. The journal of pediatric pharmacology and therapeutics : JPPT : the official journal of PPAG. 2021; 26 : 163-171

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    1. Improving Pediatric Immunization Care in Oklahoma. Misc Non-Federal. Start Date: 2019. End Date: 2020.

    2. Novel magnesium formulation for tacrolimus induced magnesium wasting in pediatric kidney transplant patients. Non-federal. Start Date: 2013. End Date: 2016.

Awards and Honors

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                                                                                            1.  Degree: Pediatric Pharmacy Practice Fellowship. OU College of Pharmacy. Date: 2007.  

                                                                                            2.  Degree: PGY2 . OU College of Pharmacy . Date: 2005.  

                                                                                            3.  Degree: PGY1 . Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Date: 2004.  

                                                                                            4.  Degree: PharmD. Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Date: 2003.  

                                                                                            5.  Degree: BS. Midwestern State University. Date: 1996.