Executive Council and College Committees

The Executive Council, which meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month, shall consist of the dean; assistant and associate deans, department chairs and vice chairs, directors, a faculty member representative for each department, each elected to a two-year term; and the president of the pharmacy student council.

The purpose of the council is to serve as an advisory body to the dean and as a source of input into administrative decision-making, to facilitate cooperation among the departments, and to maintain accountability within the College.

The council addresses issues of an interdepartmental nature, advises on goals and priorities for the College including the College Strategic Plan and Self-Study progress, ensures effective utilization of College resources, discusses problems common to the separate units, disseminates operating information to the faculty and staff, and serves other functions as considered important.

The committee is directly responsible for devising plans and making recommendations for the allocation of resources of the College and departments. The Senior Leadership Team consisting of the dean, assistant and associate deans, and department chairs and vice chairs will meet weekly on Wednesdays from 9-10 a.m. to provide the vehicle for  communication and decision making in between meetings of the Executive Council.

Annual Charges to the Committee:

  • Members will participate in the Power of Full Engagement book club activities for the months of November to May. Pre-readings and pre-assignments will be distributed prior to each month's meeting.
  • Subcommittee chairs will review the OU COP Strategic Plan progress and provide updates on a monthly basis as per the schedule below. Scheduled presenters should use the Strategic Plan Assessment Summary document located on the D2L Faculty and Staff Resource Page to document their updates and then send their updated document to Dr. Medina after the presentation.
    • Education: Melissa Medina. May 2021
    • Research and Scholarship: Anne Pereira. April 2021
    • Pharmacy Practice and Professional Service. Vince Dennis and Jill Shadid. March 2021
    • Infrastructure. Mike Smith. February 2021
    • Advancement. Rex Urice. February 2021
    • Faculty and Staff Development. Eric Johnson, Kelly Standifer, Chris Rathbun. January 2021


  • JoLaine Draugalis, Chair
  • Vincent Dennis
  • Kevin Farmer
  • Mike Ihnat (09-2021)
  • Eric Johnson
  • Melissa Medina
  • Katherine O'Neal (09-2021)
  • Vibhu Awasthi
  • Chris Rathbun
  • Jill Shadid
  • Nathan Shankar
  • Michael Smith
  • Kelly Standifer
  • Rex Urice
  • Jane Wilson
  • Broc Williams (PSC President)

Administrative Support: Melissa Marshall

Executive Council Minutes for 2020:

Executive Council and College Committees