Melissa S. Medina, Ed.D.

Professor, Associate Dean of Assessment & Evaluation, and Director of Preparing Future Faculty (OUHSC Graduate College)

Department of Pharmacy: Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Phone (405) 271-6484 x47299 Fax (405) 271-3830 Office CPB 134 Email x47299

Fax (405) 271-3830

Office CPB 125



My research focuses the scholarship of teaching and learning.  One area of interest is on evaluating outcomes of faculty, resident, and graduate student teaching development programs.  A second area of interest is on exploring the impact of curricular and course design, active learning strategies, and assessment methods on students’ knowledge, skill, and attitude development.  A third area of interest is on the influence of doctor of pharmacy programmatic design and assessment on helping students attain program outcomes.

Education & Experience

Doctor of Education in Education, Learning, Cognition, and Development,

Rutgers Univ. Graduate School of Education, New Brunswick, NJ


Master of Education in Educational Psychology

Rutgers Univ. Graduate School of Education, New Brunswick, NJ


Publications & Presentations

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  1. Medina M, Draugalis J R. Exploring impact metrics beyond indices and citations for SOTL and applied educational research. Am J Pharm Educ. 2019; 83
  2. Medina M, Neely S, Draugalis J R. Predicting Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment (PCOA) performance using admissions, curricular, demographics, PCOA Pre-test and preparation data. . Am J Pharm Educ. In Press; 83
  3. Medina M S, DiVall M, Smith W T, Kolluru S, Sheaffer E. A review of best practices for student ratings of instruction. Am J Pharm. Educ. 2018
  4. Medina M, Schwier N C, Miller J L, Miller M M, Skrepnek G. Career skills assessment in a doctor of pharmacy curriculum. American Journal of Pharmacy Education. 2018
  5. Persky A M, Medina M S, Castleberry A N. Developing critical thinking skills in pharmacy students: A review. Am J Pharm. Educ. 2018
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