Alumni Affairs Board


The Alumni Affairs Board is made up of the current Executive Committee of the Alumni Association, the Dean or Dean's designate, Executive Student Council President, Director of Development, College Liaison, and up to 8 alumni appointed on an annual basis by the current President of the Association. The President serves as chair of the Alumni Affairs Board.

Role of the Alumni Affairs Board:

  • Serve as a clearing house where all input from alumni is considered and then acted upon at the annual meeting or other meetings that may be called
  • Act as a distribution point for information flow to individual members
  • Advise the Executive Committee and Dean as to appropriate programs to be undertaken

Board Members:

  • Terry Cothran, D.Ph. '91
  • Jami Johnson, Pharm.D. ‘14
  • Alexandria McNeely Walker, Pharm.D., ‘14 (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Lee Munoz, D.Ph. '97 (President-Elect)
  • Daniel Nguyen, Pharm.D., '19
  • J.J. Peek, Pharm.D. '09
  • Laura Petty, D.Ph., '00
  • Chelsea Price, Pharm.D., ‘16 (President)
  • Tanner Tiedeman, Pharm.D. ’17
  • Teresa Truong, Pharm.D. '07
  • Spencer Whittenberg, Pharm.D., ‘16
  • JoLaine Draugalis, R.Ph., Ph.D., FAPhA, FASHP,  Dean
  • Eric Johnson, MBA, MS, CPA,  CIA, Senior Associate Dean
  • Vince Dennis, Pharm.D. ('93, '95), Faculty Liaison
  • Lydia Chapman,  Development Officer
  • Maria Tadros, President of Student Council