National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board plays a vital role in helping the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy plan effectively for the future. The board members work closely with the college and the dean in three key areas:

  • Critical review of current activities
  • Long-term planning
  • Development

The board meets twice a year (generally during the fall and spring semesters) in order to keep the college abreast of current trends and issues in the profession. Members of the board include individuals from diverse pharmacy practice settings as well as from the general community of interests.


Josephine M. Li-McLeod, Ph.D. (Chair)

Chief Strategy Officer, Stratevi

Boston, MA

Alumnus 1994 (B.S.), 1998 (Ph.D.)

Gary R. Frost 


Norman, OK  

Alumnus 1975 (B.S.), 1978 (M.S.)

David L. Gilliland, Ph.D.

CEO Geodax Imaging 

Julian, NC 

Alumnus 1979 (M.S.), 1983 (Ph.D.)

Joe H. Harmison  


DFW Prescriptions  

Grand Prairie, TX  

Alumnus 1970 (B.S.)

B. Douglas Hoey, M.B.A. 

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

National Community Pharmacists Association  

Alexandria, VA  

Alumnus 1992 (B.S.)

Rebecca R. Johnson  

President, Allergy Laboratories Inc. 

Oklahoma City, OK  

Alumna 1993 (B.S.)

Thomas C. Kupiec, Ph.D., CEO 

Analytical Research Laboratories 

Oklahoma City, OK 

Alumnus 1997 (Ph.D.)

Scott Lason 

Manager of Professional and College Relations 


Richland Hills, TX 

Alumnus 1990 (B.S.)

Brian S. Nightengale, Ph.D.

President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy

AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation

Palm Harbor, FL

Alumnus 1990 BS

Marshall H. Scantlin 

Major General – Retired 

Lancaster, TX 

Alumnus 1966 (B.S.)

Mark St. Cyr 

Division Clinical Specialist–Pharmacy 

North Texas Division IT&S 

HCA Information Technology & Services 

Oklahoma City, OK 

Alumnus 1977 (B.S.)

Michael W. Suwalski 

Sr. Director Product Development Corporate Innovation Team 

Walgreen Company 

Deerfield, IL

Travis W. Watson 

Director, Health Outcomes


Deerfield, IL

Alumnus 1992 (B.S.)

Tom R. Webber  

Former Vice President 

Pharmaceutical Sales, Upjohn Company 

Kalamazoo, MI  

Alumnus 1966 (B.S.), 1970 (M.S.)