Our Capital Campaign Lives On While We Build On Our 1893 Theme!


What does 1893 mean to you?

1893 marked the date when Katharine Lee Bates wrote the lyrics to America the Beautiful, after admiring the view from the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado.

It marked when the American University was established by an Act of Congress in Washington, D.C.

For us, it marked the year when the "pharmaceutical department" was created to provide Oklahoma Territory with much needed pharmacists. Just three years later, the first diplomas conferred by the new university went to pharmacy students Lemuel L. Dorrance of Lexington and Marshall A. Tucker of Norman. Eighty-six of the university's first 200 graduates were from pharmacy.

As OU College of Pharmacy approaches the celebration of its 125th year in 2018, we want to remember the significance of 1893 so we can step into the next century for the college.

Help Us Educate Pharmacists for the Next Century

  • Our overall goal

    We are excited to announce the launch of our campaign, "1893-2018: Help us educate pharmacists for the next century." We have an overall goal to raise $10 million.

  • Campaign initiatives

    Our quasquicentennial campaign initiatives to modernize the college's space and equipment include:

    1. Update lecture halls to allow for a better learning environment. Today's modern classroom is modular, to allow students and professors the option to learn through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion or rich discourse.
    2. Install a wing of breakout rooms. Because of the need to learn in modular groupings, our pharmacy students need additional breakout space.
    3. Meet newer standards in nuclear pharmacy. In order to maintain our commitment to provide the highest quality nuclear pharmacy programs in service, teaching, and research, we need to make immediate renovations to our nuclear pharmacy areas.
    4. Modernize office space for residents. Our residents currently share office space in another building. Since we have several accredited residency programs, the need has increased to provide adequate space for our residents.
    5. Modernize wet lab research space. The need to keep current in research remains a critical area of concern.

  • The Impact of the Chickasaw Nation Gift to OU Pharmacy

    The Chickasaw Nation recently gave a gift to the college to renovate the pharmacy skills development practice lab. This lab develops advanced patient assessment and counseling skills. These skills are designed to support the efforts of primary care physicians through medication management and patient counseling suffering from diabetes as well as other chronic problems including hypertension, obesity, nicotine addiction, heart failure, asthma and other conditions requiring long term medicine use. We are grateful to the Chickasaw Nation for their tremendous support!

  • It's an Ambitious Goal!

    Our campaign of $10 million is definitely ambitious. However, the history of OU College of Pharmacy rests on pioneers who saw the need to educate pharmacists to meet the need of its state and region. We continue to provide quality education and service, and we make a difference in the health and welfare of residents in Oklahoma and beyond. Just as we relied on settlers in the early 1900s to forge a path for pharmaceutical education and research, we are dependent on today's pioneers to pave the road necessary for future pharmacists.

    We invite you to join us in making our 125th celebration as memorable as the year we started in 1893.

How Can You Join Us?

  • Be active in the Alumni Affairs Association

    We place this as our first item simply because we need you! We invite you to contact us and we'll talk how you can become an integral part of this association. You can e-mail Cassidy Roberts for more information.

  • Gifts of cash

    If you are able to make a cash donation, we invite you to do so either online, by credit card or by check. Please contact Rex Urice at the college if you need more information or go directly to our OU Foundation link.

  • Celebrate the significance of our 125th anniversary!

    We invite you to consider making a gift that marks our anniversary. We invite you to consider a gift such as $1,250 or $2,500 or $5,000 or perhaps more. We'd like to talk to you about naming rights that can extend your gift, just as the Mosiers did decades before.

  • Planned giving

    Planned giving traditionally has been defined as a gift that an individual creates during his or her lifetime. There are many kinds of planned gifts, such as simple bequests in a will or trust or within an estate plan; charitable gift annuities; non-cash assets and many others.

Additional information

  • Please check our website!

    Additional information is available on the college website link. Remember, our development staff can help explore methods of gift giving most advantageous to you.