Program and Application Information

How to Apply

Interested applicants must register with the National Matching Service using the shared PhORCAS/Match registration portal. Applications will only be accepted through PhORCAS. The application deadline for all PGY1 and PGY2 residency programs is December 31, 2022.

Required Application Materials

Letter of intent

Curriculum vitae

Completed PhORCAS™ application

Transcripts from Doctor of Pharmacy coursework

Three standardized PhORCAS™ references

Pharmacy Residency Reference Writing Tips

PhORCAS™ references play a substantial role in our decision-making process and we thank you for providing yours.  In an attempt to make fair comparisons amongst candidates, please carefully review and incorporate the following guidelines into your reference.

  1. Candidate characteristics:  using the PhORCAS™ scale below, please provide comments for at least 6 of the 13 characteristics as well as any items marked “exceeds” or “fails to meet” so that the selection committee can get a picture of the candidate’s fit for the residency program.
    1. Exceeds:  the candidate exceeds what is expected to enter a residency program
    2. Tip:  It would be most helpful to indicate where the candidate exceeds expectations compared to other candidates who are prepared to enter residencies.  It would not be expected for a candidate to be rated at this level for all, or even most, of the characteristics.  Please provide specific comments if this rating is selected.
    3. Appropriate: the candidate performs appropriately for what is expected to enter a residency program
    4. Fails to meet: the candidate fails to meet the level expected to enter a residency program

Tip:  Please provide specific comments if this rating is selected.

  1. N/A:  not applicable or not observed
  1. Narrative Comments (five questions)
    1. Please DO NOT attempt to cut and paste a recommendation letter into any of the narrative comments boxes.
    2. Please respond to the questions with as much detail as possible, including specific examples.
    3. Last question – candidate’s fit for a particular program:  Responding to this question is optional.  However, if you have specific information regarding the residency program and whether the candidate will be a good fit, please include it here with specifics.
  2. Overall recommendation (highly recommend, recommend, recommend with reservations, or do not recommend)
    Tip:  Please consider the congruence of this overall rating with your ratings of the candidate characteristics.  For example, a candidate who receives a “highly recommend” overall recommendation would be expected not to receive any ratings of “fails to meet” and may receive one or more ratings of “exceeds”.

Salary & Benefits

Salary: $47,000-$49,000 (effective July 1, 2022)


  • 12 vacation days/10-12 paid holidays
  • Administrative leave when interviewing for a position
  • Flexible insurance benefits package offered
  • Resident office space and personal computer access
  • Copier, printer, scanner and fax access
  • Travel support for professional conference and reduced meeting registration fees
  • Personalized white coat


Brittany Soriano
Residency Programs Coordinator
College of Pharmacy
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
1110 N. Stonewall Avenue, Room 135
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73126-0901

Telephone: (405) 271-6484 ×47288
FAX: (405) 271-3531