Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

Translating basic science discoveries to clinically useful therapeutics has been a major challenge, as less than 10% of candidates entering clinical trial become useful drugs. Quantitative systems pharmacology can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in bench-to-clinic translational research.

This new graduate track aims to train OU pharmaceutical scientists with the necessary skillset for drug development. This track was launched in Fall 2014. Students participate in multidisciplinary, collaborative projects using modeling-based approaches to depict and predict drug residence at target sites and the resulting cellular/molecular pharmacodynamics and treatment outcomes.

The four main components of this track are:

  • Conventional pharmaceutical sciences curriculum that provides the essential pharmaceutical training
  • Metrics courses to enable the multi-scale modeling of dynamic processes in a host
  • Regulatory requirements in the drug development process
  • Experiential component in industry and regulatory agencies

Students are cross-trained by faculty members with complementary expertise.

Graduate Faculty: