Nuclear Pharmacy

Graduate studies in nuclear pharmacy focuses on design and application of novel radiopharmaceuticals, with an emphasis on PET imaging. Board-certified specialization is also available for students in the Pharm.D. program.


The primary mission of the College of Pharmacy Nuclear Pharmacy is to serve as a model teaching facility for nuclear pharmacy students, nuclear medicine technologists, health physicists, physicians, residents, and nuclear pharmacists.

Our goal is to promote and facilitate the training and growth of competent nuclear pharmacy practitioners to meet the needs of the nuclear medicine community and to advance the practice of Nuclear Pharmacy in patient care settings.

The focused elective track in nuclear pharmacy enables students with an interest in molecular science to identify and recognize opportunities earlier in their academic career. Through this track, professional pharmacy students can work toward an Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist status or follow other paths such as the graduate Ph.D. program.

  • History

    The College of Pharmacy started the Nuclear Pharmacy in the Spring of 1977 in the Biomedical Sciences Building on The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Campus in Oklahoma City. It was staffed by nuclear pharmacists, radiopharmaceutical chemists and students. The operation was modeled after the nuclear pharmacy at the University of Michigan Hospital.

    The OU Nuclear Pharmacy has evolved to serve the Nuclear Medicine Departments in the Hospitals in the Greater Metropolitan Oklahoma City area as well as educating nuclear pharmacists and radiopharmaceutical scientists in the College of Pharmacy.

    The Nuclear Pharmacy is a modern, state-of-the-art, computerized facility with up-to-date equipment and a full complement of Nuclear Pharmacy staff. The staff consists of nuclear pharmacists, pharmacy interns, technicians and drivers.

  • Education

    The College of Pharmacy Nuclear Pharmacy provides a unique environment to prepare radiopharmacists to be drug specialists in the healthcare team. The wide variety of radiopharmacy services that we provide to the metropolitan community enables us to offer a complete teaching program for pharmacy students.

    The Nuclear Pharmacy supports didactic and experiential training toward accomplishment of requirements for Nuclear Pharmacists as set forth by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy.

  • Services

    The College of Pharmacy Nuclear Pharmacy provides radiopharmaceutical services to over 25 metropolitan hospitals and clinics. These services include the daily dispensing of over 500 patient doses and ensuring the safe and effective use of these radiopharmaceuticals.

    The Nuclear Pharmacy is a valuable resource for information for other healthcare practitioners regarding new radiolabeled drugs as well as ligands and their proper use in patient care.

  • Research

    The College of Pharmacy Nuclear Pharmacy serves as a resource of procurement, compounding, and dispensing of radioisotopes used in teaching and research on the campus of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.


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