2023 Senior Awards

Posted on May 10, 2023

Congratulations to the following students who are recipients of this year's senior awards.

Merck Award - given to students with outstanding research and scholastic achievement.
  • Kristen Davison
  • Sarah Downen

Viatris Excellence in Pharmacy Award - given for academic excellence and high professional motivation

  • Natasha Orcutt

Oklahoma Pharmacists Association Award - given for outstanding professional achievement and leadership

  • Mike Brown
  • Victoria McDonald

Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists Award - for outstanding performance in hospital pharmacy

  • Gabrielle Ford

Wolters Kluwer Award of Excellence - for excellence in clinical communication

  • Aarti Narotam

Robert M. Bird Society Award - given to a student who shows a great potential for a creative contribution to the medical sciences

  • Trent Flanagan

United States Public Health Service - given to a student who has made great contributions to the profession and to public health

  • Destiny Matthews

United States Public Health Service - recognizes an outstanding pharmacy student for their contributions to promoting wellness and health communities.

  • Destiny Matthews