Robert S. Fogle

Graduate Student

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone (405) 271-6593

Office College of Pharmacy, Rm. 351



I am a graduate student in Dr. Anthony Burgett's laboratory. My primary research interest is the interaction between molecules and proteins, and the systemic effects these interactions elicit. By combining skills in the areas of organic synthesis, molecular docking, and a primary focus on ligand binding and cellular biochemistry, my goal is to be able to provide a comprehensive perspective in medicinal chemistry and diagnostic medicine.

Publications & Presentations

McCall L, Anderson VM, Fogle RS, Haggner JJ, Hossain E, Liu R, Ly AH, Ma H, Nadeem M, Yao S.. Analysis of university workplace building surfaces reveals usage-specific chemical signatures.. Building and Environment. 2021; 162(): 106289 DOI:

Publications & Presentations

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