Moses Bio, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Research

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone (405) 271-6593 x47223

Fax (405) 271-7505

Office CPB 345



  • Development of molecular probe for early stage detection using fluorescence and photoacoustic bimodal Imaging. My research focuses on developing a tissue-specific imaging probe with an effective and noninvasive optical imaging capability. The most important approach for improvement of survival of melanoma patients still remains early diagnosis, along with accurate staging of disease at early stages.
  • Specific delivery of therapeutic agents (chemotherapy drugs) to a predetermined site. One major challenge still in drug delivery is precise controlled release at the target. My research focuses on developing nano-theranostic drug delivery where near Infrared  (NIR) light is used to control release of therapeutic and diagnostic agents from nanomaterials, specifically development of nano-materials capable of offloading its content initiated by tissue penetrant, cyto-compatible NIR light.      
  • Development of effective immuno-photodynamic therapy for metastatic prostate cancer. My research focuses on metastatic and advanced prostate cancer treatment with a targeted multifunctional activatable prodrug in combination with photodynamic therapy (PDT) and immunotherapy.  The goal is to develop a treatment strategy combining cell surface antigen targeting, micro-environment activation of chemotherapy, activatable fluorescence PDT and immunotherapy to maximize therapeutic efficacy and minimize side effects.

Education & Experience

Ph.D. in Medical/Organic Chemistry

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK


B.S. in Chemistry


Honors & Awards

Professional Awards

Faculty Patent Award-April 2017

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Ronald F. Borne Outstanding Postdoctoral Poster Presentation Award - May 2017

42nd Annual MALTO Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Meeting

John B. Bruce Scholarship Award - 2015

OU College of Pharmacy

Roland E. Lehr Award - 2012

College of Arts and Sciences, OU

First Class Honor - 2006

Dept. of Chemistry, K.N.U.S.T.


Singlet oxygen-liable linkers and methods of production and use thereof.

US Patent 9,393,306


Y. You, M. Bio, AML Hossion


New photo-liable linkers, their synthesis methods and application in light-controlled delivery of drugs and other bioactive molecules.



Y. You, M. Bio, AML Hossion, G. Nkepang

Singlet oxygen-liable linkers and methods of production and use thereof.

International Appl. No. WO2013/163321 AL


Y. You, M. Bio, AML Hossion, G. Nkepang


Publications & Presentations

  1. Li M, Thapa P, Rajaputra P, Bio M, Peer C J, Figg W D, You Y, Woo S. Quantitative modeling of the dynamics and intracellular trafficking of far-red light-activatable prodrugs: implications in stimuli-responsive drug delivery system. Journal of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. 2017; 44 : 521-536
  2. Thapa P, Li M, Karki R, Bio M, Rajaputra P, Nkepang G, Woo S, You Y. Folate-PEG Conjugates of a Far-Red Light-Activatable Paclitaxel Prodrug to Improve Selectivity toward Folate Receptor-Positive Cancer Cells. ACS OMEGA. 2017; 2 : 6349-6360
  3. Bio M, Rajaputra P, Lim I, Thapa P, Tienabeso B, Hurst R E, You Y. Efficient activation of a visible light-activatable CA4 prodrug through intermolecular photo-unclick chemistry in mitochondria. Chemical communications (Cambridge, England). 2017; 53 : 1884-1887


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