Application Procedures

General Application Requirements

Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program is on a competitive basis. Residents of Oklahoma receive some preference in the selection process but all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. There are two tracks for application: early decision and regular decision. Please read all information on this page carefully. It is the applicant's responsibility to read and comply with all admission requirements and application procedures. If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact us at

Early Decision Application Track Information

OUCOP participates in the PharmCAS early decision program. This program allows you to select one PharmCAS school for application. The early decision process allows applicants to know by late October of the school’s decision. See the PharmCAS instructions on their website for full details. The deadline for early decision application for Fall 2018 is September 5, 2017. Students applying for the early decision track should be aware of the following:

  1. The application must be complete by September 5. This includes the PharmCAS application, supplemental application, PCAT scores, and two letters of reference.
  2. The latest an applicant can take the PCAT to be considered for early decision are the July dates.
  3. Early decision interviews are typically conducted in early October. An interview is not guaranteed simply by selecting to apply to the early decision program. If you are not invited for an interview, your application will be rolled over to the regular decision applicant pool and any new information received throughout the cycle will be considered for a possible interview. If you interview for the early decision track and are denied, then you must re-apply for the next admission cycle. You may not interview twice in one application year.
  4. If you are accepted as an early decision applicant, you are obligated to accept the offer and may not apply to other PharmCAS schools.

General Application Requirements

For admission to Fall 2018, the PharmCAS application, two letters of reference and PCAT scores must be submitted by March 1, 2018. The College of Pharmacy supplemental application must be submitted by April 1, 2018. Applicants should successfully complete all required pre-pharmacy courses and provide the college with an official transcript showing spring course grades by June 1, 2018. Regular admission interviews are typically conducted January-April of the application year therefore it is highly recommended that applicants apply earlier than the deadline to receive full consideration for all interview positions. The college employs a rolling admissions process which means that positions are filled as we interview. Failure to meet deadlines or to submit any of the required application materials will constitute a late or incomplete application and will not be considered for admission.

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Pharm.D. Application Guide

Steps to Applying

Step 1. PharmCAS Application Process (Opens in mid-July)

Application for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program requires completion of the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) application. It can be found at PharmCAS processes your academic information providing one central location to send transcripts, references, and PCAT scores while applying to multiple pharmacy schools. The PharmCAS deadlines are Labor Day Monday for the Early Decision Program and March 1st for the Regular Decision Track.

? Create your PharmCAS account. Make note of your assigned PharmCAS ID #. This number must be entered in your supplemental application.
? Enter your reference contact information in your application. A minimum of two references are required. References are completed electronically so as soon as you save your reference information, a web link will be e-mailed to them to complete the on-line form.
? Arrange to have official transcripts sent from all colleges or universities attended. Refer to the PharmCAS instructions for specific information on how to complete this step to prevent delays.
? When registering for the PCAT, make sure to designate PharmCAS (code 104) as the recipient of the scores. If you took the PCAT in a previous year, you will need to re-release the scores even if you designated PharmCAS previously. You may do this by going to PCAT’s website at Make note of your assigned PCAT CID # as you will need to enter this in your PharmCAS application so that scores may be matched to your application.
? Please note that in order to verify an application, PharmCAS only needs all official transcripts. Processing can take up to 4-6 weeks. References and PCAT scores may be submitted later so you don’t have to wait for those to submit an application. However, all required materials must be received before an application will be reviewed.
? If you are enrolled in the fall semester of the application year, you will need to submit an Academic Update to PharmCAS. This update window opens on December 15th. It is required for all applicants to complete this step if taking fall courses. It is a two-step process. You will log back in to your PharmCAS application, enter your fall grades and your projected spring enrollment (if you plan to take spring courses), and then have an official transcript sent to PharmCAS so the fall grades can be verified. Both steps must be completed. Sending a transcript alone is not sufficient.

Step 2. Supplemental Application (Opens in mid-July)

OUCOP requires a supplemental application. The supplemental application can be found at It is recommended to submit the PharmCAS and supplemental applications at the same time or close together. You will need your PharmCAS Application ID # to enter on your supplemental application. The supplemental application serves as your application to the University of Oklahoma and contains college-specific questions that cannot be asked on the central application. The supplemental application deadline is April 1st.

? Create your supplemental application.
? Enter your PharmCAS ID # in the supplemental application.
? Submit the supplemental application along with a $50.00 fee.
? Do not send official transcripts to the university. Official transcripts should be submitted directly to PharmCAS.

Step 3. Recommendation Letters

The Admissions Committee requires each applicant to provide two letters of recommendation which provide insight into the applicant’s personal, academic, and professional characteristics. Applicants should solicit letters from those who can best attest to your ability to be successful in pharmacy school. Examples are professors, employers, volunteer supervisors, or health care professionals, preferably a pharmacist. These individuals should know the applicant well, and be in a position to evaluate the applicant’s potential for academic success and a career in pharmacy. We do not accept letters from family, friends or clergy members. Although a minimum of two letters is required, you may enter up to four names in the PharmCAS application and if four recommendations are received, all four will be evaluated.

Step 4. Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) Scores

Each applicant is required to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). PCAT scores should be submitted directly to PharmCAS (code 104). Applicants should be aware that no decision regarding an interview can be made until PCAT scores are received from PharmCAS. The college must receive PCAT scores directly from PharmCAS for consideration for an interview. The highest PCAT score will be used to determine eligibility for admission. For specific information on registering for the PCAT, please visit When you register, PCAT will assign you a PCAT CID #. This number MUST be entered in your PharmCAS application or PharmCAS will not receive the scores in order to include them with your application. The PCAT is typically offered each July, September, October, November, and January. Please note f you took the PCAT in a previous year, you will need to re-release the scores even if you designated PharmCAS previously. You may do this by going to PCAT’s website at and submitting an Additional Score Report.

Step 5. Holistic Admissions Application Review

OUCOP engages in a holistic admissions process. This means that each aspect of the applicant’s record is important. Eligibility for an interview is based on an evaluation of the applicant’s academic record including the pre-requisite, overall, science, math, and last 60 hours GPAs in addition to the PCAT and other academic factors as well as an applicant’s non-academic record including their experiences and attributes. In general, applicants can be considered competitive for an interview if they have at least a 3.0 GPA in the areas mentioned above and a composite PCAT score of the 40th percentile with no subscore lower than the 20th percentile. Additionally, applicants should have no negative letters of recommendation and should demonstrate those qualities desirable in a healthcare professional such as good communication skills, leadership, community service activities, and a demonstration of pharmacy knowledge. Although not required, it is highly recommended that an applicant gain experience in a pharmacy setting whether paid or unpaid experience.

Step 6. The Personal Interview

The Admissions Committee requires a personal interview to assess an applicant’s communication skills as part of the admission process. Interviews are by invitation only and sent only via e-mail. OUCOP utilizes the multiple mini interview (MMI) format. Applicants complete a circuit of at least 5 stations designed to assess the applicant’s attributes, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. You may want to conduct an internet search to learn more about the MMI process. Early decision interviews are typically conducted in early October. Regular decision interviews are typically conducted January-April. An invitation to interview does not imply acceptance for admission, and all expenses incurred during the interview are the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants must interview in person on their assigned day and time. Interviews cannot be conducted via telephone or video conferencing due to the nature of the activities that day.




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