Scott  Schaeffer , D.Ph., DABAT

Managing Director and Clinical Instructor

Oklahoma Center for Poison & Drug Information

Phone (405) 271-5454  x37019
Office   Nicholson Tower 3850

Selected Publications & Presentations

  1. Conway SE, Schaeffer SE, Harrison DL. Evaluation of dabigatran exposures reported to poison control centers. Ann Pharmacotherapy 2014; 48(3): 354-360
  2. Schaeffer S, Conway SE. Fatal bleeding associated with dabigatran (letter). Am J Health-Syst Pharm 2013; 70: 1651-1652.
  3. Williams K, Hageman TM, Schaeffer S. Use of electronic learning modules for teaching pharmacy and nursing staff: How to locate and utilize drug information sources in a poison control center. Curr Pharm Tech Learn 2013; 5: 39-43.
  4. Banner B, Schaeffer S, Badillo RB, Hovseth K, Condley B, McNeely R. Multiple lead appendoliths following ingestion of lead shot: Time course and removal by laporoscopic appendectomy. Clin Toxicol 2012; 50: 266-267.
  5. Schaeffer S, Badillo R. Poison control therapy: Updates on treating ingested poison toxicities and snakebites. AJN 2009; 109 (12): 42-45.
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