Andria  Beeker (Hedrick) , M.S.

Research Assistant III

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone 271-6593  x47284
Office   CPB 032

Selected Publications & Presentations

  1. Nag OK, Yadav VR, Hedrick A, Awasthi V. Post-modification of preformed liposomes with novel non-phospholipid poly(ethylene glycol)-conjugated hexadeclycarbamolymethyl hexadecanoic acid for enhanced circulation persistence in vivo. Intl J Pharmaceut 2013; 446(1-2): 119-129.
  2. Pathuri G, Hedrick AF, Awasthi V, Gali H. Sing-step radiosynthesis and in vivo evaluation of a novel fluorine-18 labeled hippurate for use as a PET renal agent. Nucl Med Biol 2012; 39: 1195-1201.
  3. Pathuri G, Hedrick AF, Disch BC, Ihnat MA, Awasthi V, Gali H. Synthesis and biodistribution studies of technetium-99m labeled Aminopeptidase N inhibitor conjugates. Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2012; 22: 4567-4570.