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Awards > Oklahoma Pharmacists Association Award

This award is presented to a graduating student for outstanding professionalism achievement and leadership. A one-year membership is presented by the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association.

Recipients Year Received
Kenny Utz 2006
Robert Bond 2005
Christopher Lee Monnot 2004
William Donald Moore 2003
Ricky Donald Overton 2002
Elizabeth Marie Butler 2001
Kyle Thomas Panter 2000
Recipients Year Received
Christopher Michael Brown 2015
Van Eugene Dillard Hodges 2015
Kendall Leigh Byrns Novak 2013
Thanh Hien Wang 2013
Lih-Wern Wang 2012
Emily Stilwell 2011
Renee Price 2010
Jennifer Thackray 2009
Barnabas (Bob) John 2008
Robert Bond 2007