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The ASP chapter at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy is a collective voice of pharmacy students preparing to become professionals who provide and promote pharmaceutical care.

Our chapter is one of many in the United States and Puerto Rico representing over 28,000 students

Now that you've made it to the OU College of Pharmacy you have been given the opportunity to gain membership to the largest and most prestigious student and professional organization in the world. The Colleges' APhA-ASP chapter offers a great deal of diversity and opportunity to introduce each of you to your future profession. Through patient care projects; meetings at the state, regional, and national levels; and networking opportunities through leadership positions, internships, and residencies, APhA-ASP allows you as a student pharmacist to be as involved in your profession as you desire. However, it is undoubtedly up to you to make the decision, to become a member, and to challenge the pharmacy profession.

Chapter Awards

  • 2009 Education Standing Committee (Jennifer Velsor)
  • 2009 Regional Officer: Midyear Regional Meeting Coordinator (Katy Freeling)
  • One-to-One Counseling Award 2009 (Lida Ryan)
  • Paul A. Pumpian Scholar 2009 (Jennifer Velsor)
  • APhA-ASP National Patient Counseling Finalist 2009 (Thao Pham)
  • 2009 Involvement in Operation Immunization, Operation Diabetes, and Heartburn Awareness
  • 2008 Involvement in Operation Immunization, Operation Diabetes, and Heartburn Awareness
  • APhA-ASP National Patient Counseling Finalist 2003 (Amanda Tunnell)
  • Involvement in Operation Immunization 2003
  • Involvement in Operation Immunization 2002
  • Involvement in Operation Immunization 2001
  • Chapter Achievement Award 2001-2002
  • Membership Bonus Award 1996
  • Membership Achievement Award 1996
  • Membership Bonus Award 1995