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Linda H. and Calvin J. Anthony Endowment

This endowment, established through the kindness and generosity of Linda H. and Calvin J. Anthony, has created the Linda H. and Calvin J. Anthony Endowment Distinguished Entrepreneur in Pharmacy Lecture Series which brings to campus individuals with distinguished accomplishments as entrepreneurs in the profession, with an overall goal of providing an occasion for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to learn about current opportunities and future directions in community pharmacy as well as key factors that facilitated the success of the invited lecturer. These goals reflect the philosophy of Calvin and his wife, Linda, who purchased their first pharmacy in Stillwater upon Calvin's graduation from OU. Calvin and Linda remain committed to the promotion and enhancement of educational endeavors, not only at The University of Oklahoma, but also to the entire state of Oklahoma and to the profession of pharmacy.

About Calvin J. Anthony

Philip C. and Ethel F. Ashby Endowments

Philip Ashby, a 1922 graduate of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, had a distinguished career in the pharmacy profession and his success as one of the founders of Allergy Laboratories Inc. in Oklahoma City is shared with us through his generosity and love for the university and college. The Philip C. and Ethel F. Ashby endowed lectureship was established to bring to campus experts in their fields to present to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni data, information, thoughts and ideas that the lecturer believes are current and important events shaping the profession of pharmacy. Phil and Fern Ashby were charter members of the OU alumni Development Fund and the Pharmacy Support Group.

Phil and Fern Ashby also endowed a scholarship for the college, establishing the "Phil and Fern Ashby Scholarship."

Ralph D. Bienfang Endowment

September, 1930, was a momentous date for The University of Oklahoma School of Pharmacy. It was the day that one of the great teachers of pharmacy, Dr. Ralph David Bienfang, joined the faculty. A cornerstone of the faculty for the next forty-five years, Dr. Bienfang served the college longer than any other faculty member. He was one of the most popular and respected members of the faculty of The University of Oklahoma, and he was known as an innovative and inspiring teacher. The highest faculty honor given by the university is to be named a David Ross Boyd Professor, an honor earned by Dr. Ralph David Bienfang in 1965.

Dr. Bienfang attended The University of Colorado for one year, then received the B.S. (1926), M.S. (1927), and Ph.D. (1929) degrees from The University of... Read More >>>

V. Jean Brown Endowment

Professor Brown came to the college in 1945 in response to the growing enrollment and stayed for twenty-eight years. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a Ph.G. in 1922 and an A.B. degree in 1928. She earned the M.S. degree in 1947 from The University of Oklahoma. Brown also taught one year at the Medical College of South Carolina and two summers at the University of Mississippi. She had considerable experience in community pharmacy practice and had worked seven years in hospital pharmacies before coming to the OU College of Pharmacy. In addition to her teaching, Professor Brown wrote extensively for pharmaceutical publications. She retired from the OU College of Pharmacy in 1973.

In her memory, the V. Jean Brown Memorial Scholarship was established.

John B. Bruce Endowment

Arriving in 1949, Dr. Bruce served the college for 24 years until his death in 1973. Dr. Bruce received an A.B. degree in chemistry in 1926 and an M.S. in chemistry in 1929, both from the University of Kansas. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry-Bacteriology in 1949 from the University of Colorado.

Dr, Bruce had considerable teaching experience when he arrived in Oklahoma in 1949. He had taught from 1925 to 1929 as Assistant Instructor at the University of Kansas, was head of the Science Department at Iola Kansas Junior College from 1929 to 1942, and was an instructor at the University of Colorado from 1943 to 1949.

Dr. Bruce's teaching responsibilities included pharmaceutical chemistry, agricultural pharmacy, and history of pharmacy; he was also responsible for evaluation of transfer credits, served on the Athletic Council for the University, and was a consultant for the School of Public Health at the OU School of Medicine. Dr. Bruce was listed in American Men Science, Who's Who in the Southwest, Outstanding Educators of America, and the Dictionary of International Biography.

In addition to his academic endeavors, Dr. Bruce was a consultant toxicologist and analyst for the Kansas county court and was a chemistry consultant for an oil company.

An endowment to create and support the John B.Bruce Scholarship for graduate students was established by Dr. Bruce's wife, Alice.

Ralph T. Enix Endowment

Ralph Enix is a 1936 graduate of the University of Okahoma College of Pharmacy. A scholarship was established in his name and presented for the first time at the pharmacy day awards banquet in 2001.

About Ralph T. Enix

Loyd E. and Maurine Harris Endowment

Loyd E. Harris, a 1920, 1922, and 1924 graduate of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, had a distinguished career in pharmacy. He served as a professor of pharmacy (1926-37) and later as Dean (1963-70) of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. He played a key role in the implementation of the "five year" program in pharmacy, as well as the decision to move the College to the Health Sciences Center. Dr. Harris served as Dean Emeritus until his death in September 2000. Dean Harris also was recognized for the development of continuing pharmaceutical education in Oklahoma. Through his generosity and love for our college, the Loyd E. Harris endowed lectureship was established. Widely recognized experts are invited to the college to present to the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends current information and ideas that shape the profession of pharmacy.

Dean Harris also endowed a scholarship for the college, establishing the Loyd and Maurine Harris Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This scholarship will help graduate students to become leaders in pharmacy for years to come.

About Loyd E. Harris

George E. Kirk, Jr. Endowment

This endowment was established through the kind generosity of George E. Kirk, Jr. to provide scholarships to students in the OU doctor of pharmacy program interested in independent pharmacy as a career. The promotion of independent pharmacy has been a lifelong pursuit of George Kirk. At state and national levels, he has been active in working for the independent pharmacist and in finding ways to provide quality pharmacy service to patients in the most appropriate and efficient manner. George and his wife, Mary Lee, along with three children worked at Kirk's Drug in Muskogee, helping to advance independent pharmacy practice. The establishment of this scholarship is fully compatible with George's vision for the future of the profession.

Herbert and Dorothy Langsam Endowment

In 1998, the Herbert and Dorothy Langsam Chair in Geriatric Pharmacy was finalized through the commitment of funds by the OU Regents to match the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Langsam, creating a $1 million endowment to sustain this position in the College of Pharmacy. A goal of the Langsams is to help The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy strengthen its educational, research, and service efforts in geriatric pharmacy practice. Moreover, development of a nationally recognized program in the college will facilitate the acquisition of outside support for scholarly activities leading to an expansion of knowledge in this pharmacy specialty and, ultimately, an improvement in the quality of life for geriatric patients.

The Langsams are long-time residents of Oklahoma as well as graduates of The University of Oklahoma. Dorothy is a native of Okmulgee and Herb of New York City. A 1952 graduate, Herb has had a long-standing relationship with the College of Pharmacy and currently serves as a member of the college's National Advisory Board and as an adjunct faculty member in the college. He has held several offices with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and been recipient of many awards for civic and professional accomplishments, including the Distinguished Alumni Award from The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy Alumni Association.

About Herbert Langsam

Carl and Joyce Lyons Endowment

This endowment was established through the kind generosity of Carl and Joyce Lyons to provide scholarships to students in the OU doctor of pharmacy program attending in Tulsa. As long-time residents of Tulsa, Carl and Joyce established an enduring rapport with the community. They have been extensively involved with several civic organizations and been dedicated to enhancing communications among healthcare professionals in Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma. Carl is a 1960 graduate of the OU College of Pharmacy and has provided strong support and leadership for the college as well as the pharmacy profession since his graduation. Carl's wife Joyce is also a graduate of The University of Oklahoma and she, along with their two daughters Cindy and Linda, are Registered Nurses and involved in nursing education.

The establishment of this scholarship is fully compatible with the activities and goals of Carl and Joyce in promoting Tulsa and the college and in facilitating interactions between OU and its College of Pharmacy and the Tulsa community. Carl, as Assistant Dean for Outreach Communications for the College of Pharmacy in Tulsa, has been instrumental in aiding the expansion of the OU doctor of pharmacy degree program to The Schusterman Center.

John A. Marik Endowment

John A. Marik John A. Marik received the Ph.C. degree from The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in 1935. This endowed scholarship was established in his honor to be awarded to students for academic excellence and for making meaningful contributions to the college.

William E. and Bonnie McIntosh Endowment

William E. McIntosh, Sr. Memorial Scholarship is endowed by William E. and Bonnie McIntosh, Jr. William E. McIntosh, Jr., a 1949 graduate of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy, is a retired Executive Vice President of Eli Lilly and Company. The son of pharmacist William E. McIntosh, Sr., Bill was born in Caddo, Oklahoma and grew up around the pharmacy profession. After obtaining his first degree from OU, the B.S. in Geology, Bill served for three and one-half years in the U.S. Army. He then returned to OU to complete the pharmacy curriculum. His career with Eli Lilly started in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, in sales and marketing. Eventually, Bill entered Lilly International, serving five years in Mexico City and becoming the general manager of all affiliates in Mexico. He then went to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and later to Indianapolis, becoming the Director over South America. He also spent some time in London before retiring in 1977, when he and his wife, Bonnie, returned to Oklahoma to reside in Oklahoma City.

Henry D. and Ida. Mosier Endowments

Henry Davis Mosier (Ph.C. 1912) passed away in 1966 followed by his wife Ida in 1976. The Mosiers left a major portion of their estate to the University of Oklahoma to be used for the benefit of pharmacy students. A 1.75 million dollar gift was used in the construction of the pharmacy building and a major scholarship programs is presently supported by the Henry D. and Ida Mosier endowments.

The Henry D. and Ida Mosier Scholar program was initiated in 1986. Two scholars are selected from each entering class for their leadership potential demonstrated during prepharmacy study and first professional year activities. First year students are asked to submit an application with letters of recommendation and are invited to participate in a personal interview. Applicants who are chosen as a Mosier Scholar receive $2,500 for each year of professional study.

The Mosier Pharmacy Scholarship program has provided financial assistance to pharmacy students since 1981. Annual cash awards are made on the basis of merit and financial need. Approximately $75,000 is presented each year based on scholastic and professional achievement.

About Henry D. and Ida Mosier

J. H. Owen Endowment

Jean H. Owen was president of Owen and Company, a hospital pharmacy services contracting company that he and his wife, Dian Graves Owen, founded in Abilene, Texas in 1969. Owen, a native of Norman, Oklahoma, served in the Army Air Corps. He attended The University of Oklahoma on the GI Bill and received a B.S. degree in Pharmacy in 1951. He later went on to obtain his M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine from Weslayan College. After graduation, Jean worked at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, for 12 years.

Under the leadership of Jean and Dian, the company grew to 20 client hospitals in 7 states with annual revenue of $7 million by 1976. In September of 1976 Jean was killed in a plane crash.

Dian Owen took over as the chairman of the Board and, over the next twenty years, led a management team that built Owen Healthcare into a company with over $500 million in annual revenue and service agreements with over 300 client hospitals in 44 states. Jean H. Owen was a classic entrepreneur who took an idea and laid the foundation for a company that today is clearly a leader in its field. The memory of Jean is perpetuated through the scholarship fund established in his name.

Roy Sanford Endowment

Established by his widow, Ethel B. Sanford, this scholarship honors Roy L. Sanford, a pioneer druggist in Enid, Oklahoma.

Walter P. Scheffe Endowment for Pharmaceutical Education

This endowment, established through the kindness and generosity of Mr. Scheffe, has created the Walter P. Scheffe Continuing Pharmaceutical Education Series which provides support for an annual continuing education program to benefit pharmacists in the State of Oklahoma.

E. Blanche Sommers Endowment

In 1942, just after World War II started, Dean D.B.R. Johnson was having difficulty finding faculty for the College of Pharmacy because of the war. He found a drug store owner in Edmond, Oklahoma, who not only had a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, but also held the Master of Science degree--Blanche Sommers. Dean Johnson offered Dr. Sommers a faculty position and she accepted. As Sommers later said, "I was ready for a change again and thought I'd teach for a year to see what it was like." She was a member of the faculty of the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy for the next thirty-seven years.

Dr. Sommers earned the B.S. in Pharmacy in 1930 and the M.S. in 1931 from the University of Oklahoma. In 1954,she earned a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

In 1962, Dean Clark retired and the University President, Dr. George Cross, appointed Dr. Sommers as Acting Dean until a new dean could be found. She served as Acting Dean in 1962-1963, returning to teaching when Loyd Harris became dean. In 1971, she was appointed Assistant Dean of the College of Pharmacy and served in that capacity until she retired in 1978.

In 1977, Dr. Sommers was named a David Ross Boyd Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Oklahoma.

A scholarship was established in her honor to support an outstanding graduate student in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy Alumni Assoication has also honored Dr. Sommers by establishing an alumni award in her name.

Excerpted in part from: Centennial, A History of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy 1893-1993

Albert C. Wehrenberg Endowment

Albert C. Wehrenberg received the B.S. degree from The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in 1936. As a student, he was a member of the Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society. This endowed scholarship was established in his honor to be awarded to a student for academic excellence and for making significant contributions to the college.