Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipients

Picture of 2014 Winner
Bethany Holderread ('12) receives the outstanding Young Alumni Award
from Heidi Wright ('06).

Alumni recipients are to be selected from alumni nominees who have made important contributions to the profession of pharmacy within ten (10) years of graduation.

Recipients Year
Bethany Holderread 2014
Jack Drakeford 2013
Rebecca (Becky) Schmidt 2012
Rahi M. Bigdely 2011
Joshua Sheffield 2009
Eddie Tom Lakey 2008
Justin Wilson 2007
Jennifer Stark 2006
Vincent Dennis 2005
Recipients Year
Christopher L. May 2004
Paul C. Cockrum 2003
Yvette Y. Morrison 2002
Lee Ann Lavender 2002
Kasey K. Thompson 2001
Charles W. Jones 2001
Brian Douglas Hoey 2000
Mark L. Kaiser 2000
Alex H. Park 1999