E. Blanche Sommers Award Recipients

Picture of 2012 Winner
Jamie Farley (center) receives the E. Blanche Sommers Award from
Tim Anderson ('87) and Heidi Wright ('06).

Alumni recipients will be selected from alumni nominees who have made important contributions to the profession and community within five (5) years of graduation. The award is presented to recent graduates of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy in accord with the interests of Dr. E. Blanche Sommers in fostering the development of and recognizing the early achievements of potentially outstanding future practitioners.

Recipients Year
Jamie Farley 2013
Dared Price 2012
Melissa Abbott 2011
Emily Borders 2011
Jacqueline King 2009
Joshua Sheffield 2008
Winter Smith 2007
Recipients Year
Wendy Galbraith 2006
Kimi Vesta 2005
Linda M. Houle 2004
Kristin Courtney Klein 2002
Jenean A. Young 2001
Jeffery S. Odell 2000
Lauri Perrin Gormley 2000