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Reflections of Henry D. and Ida Mosier

"Photographs always have found a way of documenting history. They support the words used to describe them and they fill the gaps that written language cannot cross. Photos are the mirrors of history. Each and every one tells a remarkable story." Terry Tush

Henry David Mosier and his wife Ida left a remarkable legacy that will benefit The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy for many years to come (see Leo Glenn Tate's "Centennial - A History of The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy 1893-1993"). Henry and his twin brother William Berlin Mosier were members of the OU track team and both earned the Pharmaceutical Chemist Diploma from OU in 1912. Henry worked at Kirkland Drug Store in Edmond for many years while William worked at A. E. Gray Drug Store in Guthrie. Ida was employed by Devereaux Jewelry in Edmond during that time.

Henry and Ida acquired significant assets through land purchases in central Oklahoma and eventually bequeathed a substantial portion of their estate to OU, most of which was designated to benefit the College of Pharmacy. Of that, $1.5 million was utilized to help fund the Henry D. and Ida Mosier Building on the OU Health Sciences Center campus in Oklahoma City, which currently houses the College of Pharmacy. Other portions of the bequest are utilized to fund the Henry D. and Ida Mosier Centennial Chair of Toxicology, the Mosier Scholarships, Mosier Senior Scholar of the Year Award (Dean's Award), and to support the Mosier Scholar program. Additional funding for the pharmacy building was obtained from private donors, principally alumni, and the state of Oklahoma through substantial efforts exerted by state Senator, Ernest D. Martin.