Awards and Scholarships Committee

This Committee shall consist of at least six faculty members, drawn from all departments; the majority will have been appointed to a college or school of pharmacy for at least four years. Furthermore, at least three of the members should be course coordinators of courses given during the initial three years of the curriculum and at least one member should be a faculty advisor for a student activity group in the college.

Annual Charge to the Committee: Determine the recipients for the Mosier Scholars Program, the Merit Scholarship Program, the Senior Awards Program, and other awards forwarded to the Committee by the Dean. The Committee may request information about student performances from the faculty, from student organizations, and from the Office of Student Affairs.


Michele Splinter, Chair
Shanjana Awasthi
David Hawkins
Ann Lloyd
Kristen Mason
Lourdes Planas


Lester Reinke
Beth Resman-Targoff
Jane Wilson
Sue Woo