Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee shall be composed of at least five regular faculty members, the assistant dean for assessment and evaluation (ex officio), at least two pharmacy professionals external to the College, and one student. The committee, in an advisory capacity, is responsible for informing the Dean of the effectiveness of the College's various missions and goals. Specifically, the committee will evaluate the effectiveness of the professional program through reviews of didactic and experiential courses, teaching, and student achievement. Additionally, the committee will evaluate the desired outcomes of research and other scholarly activities, service, and pharmacy practice programs. The committee is expected to define and analyze objective and subjective measures of performance for all college missions. The College will use committee analyses for continual development and improvement of all its missions and goals.

Annual Charges to the Committee:

  1. Using guidance and resources provided by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and taking a scholarly approach, evaluate existing metrics as well as explore and develop additional metrics to assure quality assessment and quality advancement of all College missions.
  2. Review academic performances in the professional program and on the NAPLEX by students on each campus as well as responses to surveys by recent graduates from each campus. Provide recommendations to equilibrate these performances or to address survey responses if any significant differences or areas of concern are detected.
  3. Continuously monitor, use, and administer the four AACP curriculum quality surveys, being sure to administer the faculty, preceptor, and alumni surveys in Spring 2014 (and again in Spring 2018).
  4. Using the College's strategic planning document, select or define parameters useful for evaluating progress of the college in meeting its mission in areas other than the professional program. Prioritize and use up to three of these parameters in conducting programmatic review during this academic year. To facilitate this work, use the Activity Insight online faculty reporting program to help collect data to assess progress on the goals of the college's strategic plan.
  5. Evaluate the results of the Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment (PCOA) examination as well as the role of the college’s integrated examination administered prior to the PCOA examination.
  6. Design and oversee a process to tag questions on D2L examinations to college outcomes and specific content areas indicated in Appendix 1 (Required Elements of the Didactic Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum) of ACPE Standards 2016.
  7. Review the ACPE Standards 2016 and CAPE Educational Outcomes 2013.  Then, as needed, (a) revise the College’s Assessment Plan and Program Outcomes derived from the work of the OAC2 Committee and (b) develop an assessment map to address expectations of ACPE Standards 2016.
  8. Evaluate electronic portfolio options for students.


Melissa Medina
Jamie Miller
Alicia Abla
Leigh Peek [OU Medical Center]
Robert Klatt [P-2 student]
Lizzie Cook [resident]
Ashley Fox [resident]
Jeannie Ong [resident]

Roger Hornbrook, Chair
Susan Conway
Vincent Dennis
Alamdar Hussain
Michael Ihnat
Shellie Keast
Alice Kilpatrick
Teresa Lewis

Administrative Support:

Darla Puckett
Stephen Neely
Amy Williams

Subcommittee for P-1 Integrated Exam

Guangpu Li
Alice Kirkpatrick
Robin Milton
Nathan Shankar
Sukyung Woo

Pat Medina, Chair
Randy Gallucci
Kennon Garrett
Alamdar Hussain
Teresa Lewis

Subcommittee for P-2 Integrated Exam

Ann Lloyd
Mike McShan
Jamie Miller
Nicholas Schwier
Michele Splinter
Mark Stratton
Youngjae You

Jamie Miller, Chair
Becky Armor
Shelly Collins
Kevin Farmer
David Hawkins
Shellie Keast
Teresa Lewis

Subcommittee for P-3 Integrated Exam

Todd Marcy
Lourdes Planas
Les Reinke
Beth Resman-Targoff
Keith Swanson

Winter Smith, Chair
Emily Borders
Nancy Brahm
Vincent Dennis
Shellie Keast
Michelle Liedtke

Exam Review Committee

Todd Marcy
Patrick Medina
Jamie Miller
Winter Smith

Melissa Medina, Chair
Susan Conway
Roger Hornbrook
Ann Lloyd