Academic Appeals Board [Elected]

The Board shall consist of an equal number of faculty and students and operate under the policies and procedures given in the Faculty Handbook of The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. The purpose of the Board is to hear and resolve disputes concerning the academic evaluation of students. The College shall elect three members of the Board from each academic department from which to derive 2-3 members to serve on a given Board; an elected faculty member will continue until they have been called to serve upon an activated Board or become ineligible (resignation, retirement, administrative appointment). An election shall be held whenever a vacancy occurs. Students shall be appointed by the Dean from a slate recommended by the Pharmacy Student Executive Council whenever it becomes necessary to activate a Board.


Hibah Awwad
Nancy Brahm
Susan Conway
Alamdar Hussain
Michelle Liedtke
Jamie Miller
Youngjae You


Rebecca Mayes [P-1 student]
Huy Nhan [P-1 student]
Kaden Ridley [P-1 student ]
Elizabeth Flusche [P-2 student]
Katy Stephens [P-2 student]
Abby Tiedeman [P-2 student]
Elizabeth Goetzinger [P-3 student]
Patrik Jones [P-3 student]
Kristen Young [P-3 student]
Jesse Gatewood [P-4 student]
Candace Rose [P-4 student]
W. Kwan Yuet [P-4 student]