Ad Hoc Committee to Review the APPE Evaluation Form


  1. Review the current OU-SWOSU student performance evaluation document against the 15 subdomains of the CAPE Educational Outcomes 2013 and make recommendations for revision in the following areas:
          a.    addition of new language to address identified gaps, to include coverage of representative content from all 15 CAPE 2013 subdomains by using related performance criteria.
          b.    modification or consolidation of existing language to clarify the intended outcome(s) of interest and related performance criteria, with particular attention to health informatics, interprofessional learning activities, and ACPE Educational Outcomes, Standard 4 (personal and professional development).
          c.    deletion of language deemed redundant or otherwise unnecessary.
    2.    Consider revisions to align performance criteria anchored to the respective numeric rubric ratings with the goals of:
          a.    being specific enough to promote clarity of assessment, so that each numeric ranking can be tagged to one of the CAPE 2013 subdomains.
          b.    producing a valid and reliable assessment instrument that can be easily understood and used by preceptors (and students).
    3.    Consider revisions to the headings within the document that promote organization and understanding of the assessment areas related to the CAPE 2013 outcomes.


Ann Lloyd
Melissa Medina
Richard Wheeler
Justin Wilson

Vince Dennis, Chair
Christy Cox
Mark Gales
Joele Harmon
Jay Kinnard